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Two Williamson Insurance team members receive top honor!

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The insurance landscape of today is one that is diverse and challenging.  People are acquiring unique properties, vehicles are becoming more complex in nature, and businesses are adapting and evolving in an everchanging world.  Staying acquainted with these changes and how they relate to your specific situation is an important part of your protection.

Williamson Insurance goes the extra mile for their client’s protection.

It is for this reason that we dedicate ourselves to the education and concentrated learning of our industry.  With that, we are pleased to announce that two of our insurance specialists, Jason Williamson and Ryan McKinnon, has recently earned their Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation with The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research.

What is CIC designation?

The CIC is achieved with the attendance of 100 classroom hours that cover a broad array of topics such as Agency Management, Commercial Insurance, Personal Insurance, Life & Health Insurance, and more.  Once courses are complete, the agent must pass a comprehensive exam over the topics covered.  It is only then that they earn the distinction of becoming a member of the Certified Insurance Counselors.  This is followed by regular continuing education classes throughout the year to maintain the designation.  This ensures that the individual will stay well-informed on changes in the insurance trade and changes to atypical risks and situations.

Jason and Ryan have committed themselves to this higher learning to ensure that our clients will receive professional and reliable counseling when it comes to their protection.

All of us at Williamson Insurance would like to extend a tremendous congratulations to both Jason and Ryan for their accomplishment in their fields!

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